TUTORIAL The Japanese Paper Angel

As December approaches, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to make your own Christmas decorations!

To start this series of articles, I wanted to offer you the Japanese paper angel tutorial! This DIY is perfect for using your scraps of Japanese paper. Furthermore, it is a tutorial, simple, quick and accessible to young people which, once completed, immediately has an impact!


To make an angel out of Japanese paper, you will need:

  • thick white paper, classic Canson pouch type, approximately 220g/ m2
  • pieces of Japanese paper in the colors of your choice
    (here, I varied the papers between papers with large patterns for the body of the angel and small patterns or plain ones for the wings of the angel)
  • THE angel template To download
  • colored pencils, a marker and a pencil
  • of the white glue vinyl
  • a pair of scissors
  • A brush


  1. Print your template. First, cut out the body of the angel. Transfer the body of the angel onto your thick white paper as well as the cutting lines for the rest of the tutorial. Have fun drawing your angel's facial features and hair!
  2. Then cut out, separately, the bust and the wings of the angel and use them to transfer them to your pieces of Japanese paper which will dress your angel.
    TIP - prepare 4 Japanese paper wings (for the front and back)
  3. Using a little glue, glue to the body of your angel: the bust and the 4 wings (double-sided) previously cut from Japanese paper.
  4. Cut according to the cutting lines, transferred to the paper in step 1. Form the angel by assembling the two notches.
  5. If you want to hang the angel, cut a little wire and form a loop that you will tape to the back of the angel's head.
TADA! Your Japanese paper angel is ready!


I hope this little DIY will have made you want to make your own Christmas decorations.

Accompany your Christmas angels with other decorations by consulting our article: “6 DIY Christmas decorations” .

I'll see you again very soon for new creative tutorials!




Have you ever made a little angel out of Japanese paper?
What other Christmas decoration would you like to make?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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