TUTORIAL The Christmas “Accordion” Angel in Origami

In order to slowly but surely get into the Christmas spirit, I wanted to offer you a new tutorial to teach you how to make adorable Christmas angels out of Japanese paper, with an “accordion” effect!


These beads with smiling faces immediately inspired me to create these little Christmas angels. I started from our pouch of 7 sheets of Japanese paper “Mont Kita” to imagine the colorful range of this item. I hope that you will like her !



To make four origami “accordion” Christmas angels, you will need:

  1. Take the golden thread. Cut a 40cm piece. We will join the two ends of the wire in the following steps to form the pendant light and the angel's head (on the right in the photo).
  2. To do this, apply glue to the ends of the wire...
  3. ...and smooth it using your fingers.


  4. The two ends are joined and your loop is made (and very strong). This will help you pass the beads through the thread.
  5. Form a very sturdy loop by making 3 knots. Leave a space of about 8cm between the top of your loop and your big knot. Pass the smallest bead to form the bun...
  6. ... then pass the largest bead to add the head to the whole.


  7. Drop glue under the smallest bead...
  8. ...in order to secure the bun and the head together.
  9. Cut the small piece of wire previously glued to find two separate wires.

    We will now move on to folding the Japanese paper to form the wings and body of the Japanese paper.


    To form the body of the angel,
    use a square measuring 15cm by 15cm and a rectangle measuring 15cm by 7.5cm. The rectangle corresponds to the wings of the angel and the square to her dress . We are going to fold them like an accordion. In the video below we show you more precisely how we form these accordions.

    Now let's move on to assembling the angel's heads, wings and dress.


  10. Equip your different elements: the buckle with the angel's head, the accordions corresponding to its wings and its dress as well as two small clothespins which will help you with assembly.
  11. Fold the accordions in half...
  12. ...then gather them together between your fingers to hold them in place.


  13. Place clothespins on either side of the accordions to help hold them in place. Place the angel's head wires above and below these accordions.
  14. Tie a first knot...
  15. ...then a second.


  16. Cut the length of thread that protrudes from the dress to hide it inside the dress.
  17. Apply glue to one of the inside panels of the angel's dress...
  18. ...then press gently to form the dress.


  19. Apply glue to the inside of the angel's left wing.
  20. Apply glue to the inside of the angel's right wing.
  21. Press gently to bring everything together to form the wings.


  22. Place glue in the angel's neck to secure the head with the rest of the body.
  23. Position the head correctly, facing you, and squeeze gently.
  24. Spread the wings.


  25. AND THAT’S it, your first angel is finished! Make 3 more angels on the same model by following the instructions above again.


I hope you enjoy this new Christmas tutorial! If you want to learn how to make another model of an angel in Japanese paper, discover our article “TUTORIAL The angel in Japanese paper” .



What do you think of these Japanese paper angels?
In what color ranges would you like to make them?

Tell us more below in the comments!


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