TUTO The flat origami daisy

The little DIY that I present to you in this new article smells like spring because today I am offering you the folding of the flat origami daisy! Once your flowers have been made, you can, for example, place them on a table to create a spring decoration, stick them on a birthday greeting card, hang them on a wall to add a floral touch to a room, etc.


In order to make a pretty flat origami daisy, you will need:


NB - The folding of this daisy is the same as that of the cherry blossom . The cutting differs in step 7 .

  1. Take your square of paper and fold it in 2. You obtain a rectangle.
  2. Fold your rectangle in 2, along the vertical dotted line and unfold.
    Two small squares are in front of you. Mark the diagonals of the right square, according to the dotted cross. Unfold.
    Fold the bottom left corner at the intersection of the diagonals marked previously (in the center of the dotted cross).
  3. Fold towards the left outside, according to the dotted lines, as shown in the photo.
  4. Fold the right tip towards the center: you need to overlap the two solid lines indicated so as to fold your shutter in two.
  5. Fold in half, passing the right part under the left part. A detail of this step can be found below .
  6. You get this.
  7. In pencil, trace your figure as indicated by the "solid" lines - use the dotted line to help you trace. Cut out the figure with scissors following your pencil line.
  8. Unfold. Your daisy petals are ready!
  9. Crumple a piece of paper to form a small ball.
  10. Take a small square of yellow crepe paper, larger than your small ball of paper, and cover it by applying glue to hold your paper in place.
  11. Place a dot of glue in the center of the petals of your daisy and stick your ball of yellow paper there.
TADA! Your daisy is now ready!

If you want to make other festive decorations for Easter, (re)discover our article “6 DIYs for Easter” .
I hope you enjoyed this spring-inspired article!
I'll see you soon for new tutorials.
Take good care of yourself,

Have you already done this folding?
What creations does he inspire you?

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