TUTO The origami Halloween light garland

Halloween is fast approaching! In order to keep your children busy on a gray and rainy holiday afternoon, I wanted to offer you today a variation of the origami light garland to make a decoration around Halloween!


For this tutorial, I called on my little boy, Ulysses, to imagine and draw strange and scary faces on Japanese paper origami cubes. We mixed two different sets of paper to create a colorful Halloween range with orange, green, off-white and hints of gold and black.


To make a light garland, you will need:

NB: The recommended size for this folding is usually 20cm by 20cm in order to obtain cubes with a side of 5cm but it is entirely possible to use 15cm by 15cm to obtain smaller cubes, 3.8cm in width. side.

In order to make our garland more frightening, Ulysses drew faces on our paper cubes. To do this, you must be careful to trace them in the right place. In step 20, turn your fold over so that the smooth surface faces you and you can draw easily on it.


Don't hesitate to get your bearings with this folding by practicing with some plain origami papers, less expensive, like those from the TOYO brand for example.


  1. Take a square of origami paper, white side facing you. Mark the diagonals of the square. Unfold.
  2. You get this. Turn your paper over.
  3. Mark the medians of the square. Unfold. Rotate your paper 45 degrees.


  4. You get this.
  5. Grasp your paper by the left and right tips.
  6. Gather the fold on itself using the volume created by the folds, marked in the previous steps.


  7. Flatten the triangle formed.
  8. Bend the left and right tips toward the top tip, as indicated by the dotted lines.
  9. You get this. Turn your folding over.


  10. Bend the left and right tips toward the top tip, as indicated by the dotted lines.
  11. Bend the new left and right tips toward the center of the fold, as indicated by the dotted lines.
  12. You get this. Turn the figure over.


  13. Fold the left and right tips toward the center of the fold, as indicated by the dotted lines.
  14. Fold the top left tip toward the center of the fold, as indicated by the dotted lines.
  15. You get this.


  16. Unfold the left tip and press it lightly to open the folded edge a little.
  17. Grab the small tip that is just above this opening and fold as shown in the photo...
  18. ...and slide inside the left part.


  19. Repeat steps 14-18 on the right side of the fold.
  20. Turn the figure over. Repeat steps 14 through 19 on this side of the fold.
  21. Spread your fold slightly and slide the tip of your wand into the hole at the bottom of your fold. Using this, push the corners of your fold to “inflate” it and gently form your cube.


  22. Your first cube is complete! Make 9 other cubes in beautiful Japanese paper.
  23. Once the cubes are complete, let's move on to assembling the garland. Take a cube, the LED light string and the cable ties.


  24. As shown in the photos, pass the plastic clip...
  25. ... around the base of an LED and...
  26. ... tighten the collar securely, leaving the end of the collar protruding.


  27. Line up the end of the cable tie with the LED and slide it into the hole in the cube.
  28. Gently push everything into the cube...
  29. ...in order to block the whole thing in the cube. Continue in this way by positioning the other cubes in the same way along the garland.

And There you go ! Your origami Halloween light garland is complete!

All you have to do is plug it in so that it diffuses its light and creates a dark and mysterious atmosphere...


For more inspiration, here are some examples of faces that you can draw on your paper cubes to make your garland as scary as possible: pumpkin cutouts, skeleton skulls, Mexican calaveras , Frankenstein's faces, pirates' faces, etc.


Once lit, your origami light garland will bring a little color and light to a Halloween decoration!


I hope that this article has made you want to make your own origami light garland and use it for other themes.

See you soon for new articles on creative hobbies and Japanese paper.

Take good care of yourself,


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