TUTO The Hanging Bell

As December approaches (and the end of year holidays), I wanted to offer you a new idea for hanging decorations for your Christmas tree!


For this tutorial, I started by folding the flat 8-pointed star . I really like the “art deco” inspired shape, with the very graphic lines that you obtain once you have completed the basic folding. I added a few glittery pistils to make a small, light and airy bell that will delicately decorate your tree!



To make an origami hanging bell, you will need:

  • 2 squares of Japanese paper measuring 6cm by 6cm in the colors and patterns of your choice to achieve 1 bell (2 squares therefore corresponding to 1 bell)
    + 1 square of Japanese paper measuring 6cm by 6cm
    if you wish to decorate the folding base with a small heart of Japanese paper (you can trace 13 small hearts on 1 square of paper )
  • large, colorful, glittery pistils
  • gel glue
  • wire to hang your bells, in this case gold wire


The folding that I will present to you below is the same as that of the flat 8-pointed star that I invite you to discover on the blog!


  1. Take your square of paper, colored side towards you, and mark the medians. Unfold.
  2. Then take your square, white side towards you, and mark the diagonals.
  3. Take the paper, colored side towards you, and gently push with your fingers to bring part of the fold “inside”.
  4. You get a triangle. Then fold the two top corners, left and right, towards the center of your fold, as indicated by the dotted lines.

Make this fold again with 1 other paper to make 2 other folds in total.



  1. Bring your various supplies: 2 squares of Japanese paper measuring 6cm by 6cm, 20cm long wire and glittery flower pistils. Make two folds following the explanations above.
  2. Place a dot of glue inside one of your two folds and slip the loop of gold thread there. Press well.
  3. Cut a few strands off your pistils, as shown in the photo.


  4. Place a dot of glue inside your second fold and slip your pistil strands there. Press well.
  5. So you get this. Your two folds are ready.
  6. Place a dot of glue on the back of your two folds to assemble them against each other.


  7. Your bell is now finished!
  8. If you wish, you can cut and glue a small piece of Japanese paper to decorate the base of your bell.
  9. AND THAT'S it, all you have to do is make as many bells as you want!


For this tutorial, I chose a multi-colored range, with joyful and varied colors! If you want to go with a more traditional Christmas range, we have designed a set of 20 origami papers in 15cm by 15cm, special “Christmas ”, from which you can re-cut squares of 6cm by 6cm.


I hope you like this decorative hanging idea and will make you want to make your own tree decorations.

See you soon for new creative tutorials!


Have you already done this folding?
In which colorful ranges would you like to make these hanging bells?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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