TUTO The Braided Star in Japanese Paper

At the start of December, I'm offering you a new Christmas tutorial, which I really fell in love with! In this article we will teach you how to make an elegant braided star using Japanese paper. It’s a DIY that’s much simpler than it seems, but it immediately makes an impact!


In order to make a braided star in Japanese paper approximately 25cm in diameter, you will need:

  • 2 quarter sheets of Japanese paper in the pattern(s) of your choice, knowing that you will need to laminate the two quarter sheets together (for this article, we have chosen to use two different matching Japanese papers) - 2 quarters of laminated leaves will allow you to make 4 braided stars of approximately 25cm in diameter,
  • 8 small clothespins,
  • a cutter or pair of precision scissors according to your preference, for cutting paper,
  • a cutting rule for cutting paper ,
  • white vinyl glue for gluing Japanese paper,
  • gel glue for gluing the strips,
  • a brush for gluing the paper ,
  • a pencil ,
  • a few sheets of scrap paper which will serve as support for the collage.

TIP: To optimize bonding, do not hesitate to have a small wet towel on hand to wipe your hands regularly.


First, we will prepare the strips of paper by laminating our quarter sheets together and then cutting them out.

  1. Cut off the white edges of your quarter sheets to keep only the screen-printed surface of your Japanese paper.
  2. Take one of your quarter sheets, white side towards you. Apply glue evenly, stretching it outwards using your paintbrush.
  3. Take your other quarter sheet, colored side towards you, and place your quarter sheets, edges to edges and wrong sides together. Make sure to cover everything well.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Then take your laminated Japanese papers. Using your cutting rule, cut 12 strips measuring 1cm wide by 25cm long.

    So ! Your 12 strips of Japanese paper are ready!


We will be able to move on to weaving the strips to start forming our star.

  1. Take a strip of paper. Using a pencil, mark marks on each side of the strip, 12 and 13cm along the length. This forms a space of 1cm which corresponds to the center of the strip. Repeat the operation for the other 11 strips.
  2. Get 2 strips. Apply glue to the center of a first strip, placed vertically. Then provide a second strip and stick it horizontally on your first strip. You get a cross shape.
  3. Take your paper cross and 2 new strips. Take a first strip and slide it under the paper cross approximately 0.8mm from the central strip. Do the same with the second strip that you slide to the right, in the same way. Apply glue to the 1cm spaces, prepared in step 1, on each of the two strips that you have just added to your braiding.
  4. Provide the braiding of your star, which is starting to take shape, and 2 new strips. On the upper part of your braiding, lift the left and right strips and slide a first strip under these strips. It will therefore pass above the central strip.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the bottom part of your braids.
  6. Make sure that the strips are well spaced from each other with the same distance then apply glue to assemble them together.

    So ! The first braiding of your star is ready! Repeat the 6 steps just above to make the second braiding of your star.


    We are now going to add volume to the two braided parts of the star.

    1. Take your 6 small clothespins with you, which will help you bulk up the strips of paper.
    2. Join the top strip of the right part of your braiding with the right strip of the upper part of your braiding. Apply glue to one of the two strips and assemble them together. Use a clothespin to hold everything together.
    3. Repeat step 2 for the other 6 strips, following the same pattern.
    4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 on the second braided part of the star.

    So ! The two braided parts of your star are now full of volume! 


    Finally, we will assemble the two braided parts of your star to form the final result.

    1. Place one of the braided parts, hollow side towards you. Take the other braided part, rounded side towards you, and place it diagonally on top of the other.
    2. Grab the first strip of the braided part below and tuck it into the loop of the braided part above. Then grab a strip from the braided part above and tuck it into the loop of the braided part below. Repeat these operations for the other strips.
    3. Apply glue to one of the loops of the star and let the strips, previously entered in step 2, protrude and leave about 1.5/2cm protruding. Use a clothespin to hold everything together. Repeat these operations for the other strips.
    4. Using a pair of scissors, cut off the excess paper to form neat corners.

    So ! Your braided star is now complete! Thanks to your 2 laminated quarter sheets , you can make 3 other stars. 


    For this article, I imagined a colorful, elegant and festive range, in tones of gold, mustard yellow, midnight blue, duck blue, enhanced by sea green and turquoise blue. If you like this, find below the references of the Japanese papers in question:

    I hope you enjoy this article! If you make braided stars, don't hesitate to let us know the result by email or on social networks.

    See you soon for new creative tutorials,


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