TUTORIAL Branches and foliage of Ginkgo flowers in Japanese paper

With the arrival of autumn in Japan, the ginkgo leaves turn a bright yellow, bringing warmth and light to the gray autumn days. When they finally fall, the ginkgo leaves, with their graphic spirit, then form a carpet with a golden glow in the streets, further extending the magic and poetry of this tree. A symbol of resistance and longevity, it is today linked to the metropolis of Tokyo.


Since ginkgo is often associated with Japan, I really wanted to offer you a variation of our tutorial of simple branches made from Japanese paper which you can find in this article . These branches, adorned with colorful Japanese paper, can be used as a centerpiece, an entrance console, etc.


I therefore invite you to imagine a colorful range that does you good and to take the time to create, step by step, your bouquet of ginkgo foliage.

In order to make a pretty branch of ginkgo leaves in Japanese paper, you will need:

NB: Using 3 half-sheets (64x48cm), you can make 3 branches!
Check out our Tip for cutting Japanese paper !


  1. Prepare 15 gingko leaves. Apply glue to the backs of your 9cm squares and glue in a “sandwich” by sliding a small thin rod 15cm long over a few centimeters. Let dry. Then trace the outline of your sheet using the downloadable template and cut out.

    If you need help creating your Gingko leaves, refer to steps 1 to 11 of the article: “TUTORIAL Branches and Foliage in Japanese Paper” .

  2. Dress each of your stems with floratape. Take floratape and cut pieces the length of your stems. To dress a stem, place a piece of floratape at the base of a leaf and wrap it around the stem while stretching it.

    If necessary, follow steps 12 to 15 developed in the article: “TUTORIAL Branches and Foliage in Japanese paper” .


  3. Create an assortment of three sheets...
  4. ...and assemble the leaves together using floratape.

    Follow steps 16 to 19 explained in the article: “TUTORIAL Branches and Foliage in Japanese paper” .


  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to obtain 5 branches with 3 leaves.
  6. Dress your thick stem with floratape.


  7. Place a branch with 3 leaves at the end of the thick stem and secure it using floratape.
  8. Continue to place, from top to bottom, your branches with 3 leaves and fix them so as to create ramifications. Take inspiration from nature to create your own foliage!

    Follow steps 20-28 given in the article: “TUTORIAL Branches and Foliage in Japanese paper” .

    TADA! Your branch of ginkgo flowers in Japanese paper is finished!


If you would like to learn how to make ginkgo foliage in Japanese paper during a creative workshop in our Parisian store , do not hesitate to regularly take a look at our “Workshops” page on our online store!


We have developed elegant and harmonious Flower Kits in Japanese paper or crepe paper , which include:

  • the quantity of papers needed, nicely matched and cut to useful sizes,
  • other supplies you will need,
  • the tutorial to guide you step-by-step in your creation.

See you soon with new articles on Japanese paper and creative hobbies!

Take good care of yourself in the meantime.



  • Adeline Klam

    OKUBO CHANTAL > Merci à vous pour votre adorable retour Chantal ! Nous avons été très touchés de vous lire :)

  • Okubo Chantal

    Je viens de terminer la réalisation d’un bouquet de feuilles de gincko à partir de votre kit très bieen expliqué. Cela m’a permis de montrer à ma soeur les diffentes techniques de pliage, collage, enroulement du floratape…
    Le résultat est magnifique et la soeur est ravie.
    Merci à vous pour vos jolis et précieux papiers et les partages d’explications tant dans vos kits que sur votre site internet.

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