TUTO Square Origami Boxes for Advent Calendar

In order to slowly but surely begin to immerse you in the end-of-year holiday atmosphere, I wanted to offer you a new origami tutorial to learn how to make adorable little boxes, requiring no gluing, for make your own Advent calendar!


What I particularly like about this folding is that you only need one square of paper! It is a different model from the one presented in our article “ TUTORIAL The square box with an origami lid ”, which has a lid and a bottom of the box.

It is possible to vary the formats of the finished boxes depending on the dimensions of the paper squares used! This will therefore allow you to pack different types of objects.


For the boxes presented in this article, we used squares of paper ranging from 10cm to 28cm on each side. Find below the dimensions of a finished box based on the dimensions of the square of paper used:

  • For a square of 10cm by 10cm > A finished box of approximately 3.7cm side by 1.8cm height
  • For a square of 12cm by 12cm > A finished box of approximately 4.5cm side by 2.2cm height
  • For a square of 15cm by 15cm > A finished box of approximately 5.4cm side by 2.7cm height
  • For a square of 18cm by 18cm > A finished box of approximately 6.7cm side by 3.2cm height
  • For a square of 20cm by 20cm > A finished box approximately 7.2cm square by 3.6cm high
  • For a square of 25cm by 25cm > A finished box of approximately 9cm side by 4.4cm height
  • For a square of 28cm by 28cm > A finished box approximately 10.2cm side by 5cm high


In order to make one of these little origami boxes, you will need:

  • a square of Japanese paper , the size of your choice depending on the desired size for your finished box (see the list above) - 1 square of paper corresponds to 1 box,
  • numbered stickers for Advent calendar.

To discover the folding steps of this origami, watch the video below:

  1. Take your paper, white side facing you. Mark the medians then the diagonals.
  2. Then fold the four points of your paper, one after the other, towards the center of your paper in order to mark the folds again. A square then “draws” itself.
  3. Fold the four points of your paper again, one after the other, on the edges of the square which was “drawn” in step 2. A grid is then “drawn”.
  4. Fold the left half of your paper over the first line of your grid. This will help you later form the top of your box. Mark the folds of the central square which was “drawn” in step 2. It will form the base of your box.
  5. In the center of each side of your square, a small isosceles triangle has formed on the grid of your paper. Fold them, one by one, inwards to gradually raise the edges of your box. The base of your box is assembled.
  6. Then fold inwards, for each side of your square, the lines marked in step 4.
  7. Finally, fold the edges of your paper one above the other. For the last edge, slide it inside to close your fold.

WELL DONE ! You have just made an adorable origami box! Make 23 more, in different formats, to make your Advent calendar.


You can then stick numbered stickers on your 24 boxes, once filled with small gifts! Sticker sheets, provided for this purpose, can be found in store and on the e-shop.


A “ Christmas / For the Advent Calendar ” section is now available on our e-shop, with a wide selection of creative supplies and small gifts for making your Advent calendar. These different items are also available in store!

To fill your boxes, don't hesitate to let yourself be tempted by our selections of pins , bells , masking tape , charms , stickers and other small stationery items!


I also designed these boxes to wrap chocolates and other sweet treats! For these boxes, I used 10cm squares of paper.


I imagined a colorful, soft and elegant range, in white, gold and almond green tones, enhanced by little touches of coral! If you like this, find below the references of the Japanese papers in question:

I hope you enjoyed this article and made you want to take the time to make your own Advent calendar.

See you soon for new creative tutorials,



Have you ever made your own Advent calendar?
Would this folding tempt you?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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