TUTO “Dome” Tea Box to Personalize

As Christmas approaches, I wanted to offer you a quick and simple DIY to learn how to customize a dome-shaped tea box and thus offer a personalized gift to one of your loved ones!


This DIY essentially comes down to two steps: cutting and gluing. The explanations that I will give you below can easily be applied to other models of cylindrical boxes.

This tutorial is really ideal if you are new to creative hobbies! It requires as little equipment as possible while offering a particularly satisfactory result! I really like this dome tea box model which I find very elegant.


To customize a Japanese paper tea box, you will need:

M898-10 nt-cutter-cutter-medium-transparent-red-1 Ruler-fiskars-15x30 akcp-white-glue-250ml-new-2021-1 Brush-Tristar-n20

NB: Depending on the paper chosen, make sure to cut your strips of paper in the right direction so that the pattern is placed correctly on the tea box.

TIP: To optimize bonding, do not hesitate to have a small wet towel on hand to wipe your hands regularly.


First, cut out, depending on the volume of your dome tea box, a strip of Japanese paper in the corresponding size:
- For the 25g box > 18cm long by 4.5cm wide
- For the 125g box > 29cm long by 7.6cm wide
- For the 250g box > 32cm long by 8.7cm wide

PRECAUTION - Depending on the pattern chosen, some papers have a cutting and gluing direction!


    1. Apply glue evenly to your strip of paper, stretching it outward.
    2. Gently peel your strip of paper from your collage support.
    3. Place your glued strip of paper on the base of your tea box...
    4. ...and gently wrap it around your tea box. Pay attention to the direction of the collage, depending on the pattern of the paper!
    5. Using your finger, smooth the top of your strip of paper tape as shown in the photo. Let dry.

      TADA! Your tea box, decorated with Japanese paper, is finished! You can now store tea in your personalized tea box.


    If you appreciated the colorful range of this article, here are the links to the different Japanese papers used:

    M881 M887 M898-10 M654
    M626 M660 M767



    I hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t hesitate to ask us your questions in the comments! We will be happy to answer them.

    See you soon for new blog posts!


    Have you ever customized a tea box?
    Which Japanese paper would you choose?

    Tell us more below in the comments!

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