Colorful encounter: “in-house” printing with Ishtar Olivera

Today I would like to honor the charming Ishtar Olivera and her superb book dedicated to a “home” printing technique: stamping . And for that, I want to tell you our story...

in-house printing with Ishtar Olivera

I discovered Ishtar's work on Instagram a few years ago and it was through our exchanges on the network that our friendship was born. Our worlds met and very quickly, each on our own, we chose our most beautiful stationery, our most beautiful envelopes and colored stamps to begin a “real” correspondence.

in-house printing with Ishtar Olivera

Ishtar's postal letters are always beautifully done and with great attention: carefully decorated cards, drawn, stamped, and decorated with carefully illustrated stickers. I was moved to see that our worlds were so familiar. When we were able to meet for the first time in Paris, Ishtar told me about her desire to produce a book about her work. I already saw something very strong and encouraged him to find a publisher who suited him. A few months later this dream came true and I am happy to discover it today.

For the artist, stamping is much more than a simple creative hobby, it is a moment of relaxation and meditation which allows us to reconnect with our creativity... The principle of the ink pad allows a choice of unlimited patterns and can be used in a hundred ways!

in-house printing with Ishtar Olivera

The world of Ishtar is gentle, poetic, generous. The Japanese inspiration present in all his creations takes us on a journey of emotions. Each page of this joyful book stimulates our creativity, how can we not fall in love with these pretty DIY ideas?

To help you discover the joy of engraving and learn the basic techniques of engraving ink stamps, we organized a day of workshop and meeting with the talented artist:

Workshops with Ishtar Olivera :

Saturday October 8 at 11 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

at the Adeline Klam boutique

54 boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 in Paris

Click here to join!

The book is released on October 19 by Marabout editions.

Bravo Ishtar and thank you for welcoming us into your world!


© Photos Ishtar Olivera

in-house printing with Ishtar Olivera

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Colorful encounter: “in-house” printing with Ishtar Olivera