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Ahhh Valentine's Day, this famous day to send sweet words to the loved one of your heart! At Adeline Klam, there is no debate, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate love! Sometimes it just takes a little simple attention to please and mark the occasion: a pretty floral arrangement on a table, a few well-chosen sweets for the taste buds, a sparkling cup for the festive spirit, a little origami heart for the decoration and that’s it!


After all, romance can only warm us in this cold and gray month of February. So here is for you, a little tutorial to learn how to make an adorable origami heart and thus celebrate the month of LOVE!



Because it fits into the photos of this article, I will present to you these two small traditional Japanese masks: Hyottoko on the left and Okame, on the right. Hyottoko is a whistling male character with a twisted face, who wears a white kerchief with blue polka dots. Literally "fireman", its name would have originated from hiotoko , the name of those who fan the embers of wood-burning ovens by blowing into bamboo tubes. Okame, as explained in our article Shopping selection and souvenirs from Japan , is a female character with a chubby and smiling face. His expression is always happy! She has a small mouth, a large, broad forehead decorated with two black spots which outline her eyebrows.


To make origami hearts, you will need


  1. Place your paper with the color side towards you, mark the fold of the two middles then fold your square in half to obtain a rectangle (this is the bottom flap that you fold upwards).
  2. Fold down the first flap that comes to you, from top to bottom following the dotted lines.
  3. Turn your fold over then fold the 2 flaps in the center of the fold as indicated along the dotted lines.
  4. Turn your fold over, then fold the two flaps in the center of the fold as shown.
  5. Fold according to the dotted lines then open your folding area to permanently flatten it.
  6. Fold the small ends along the dotted lines.
  7. Turn the fold over.

TADA! Your origami heart is finished!

Thanks to the author of this pretty folding, Makoyo Yamaguchi, author of numerous works on origami!

See you soon for a new article about creative hobbies,



Have you ever folded an origami heart?
What creative project does this folding inspire you?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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