S.Thommen's illustrations in the book "Les Oiseaux Globe-Trotteurs"

I already talked to you about Sandrine Thommen's illustrations in a blog article last year, when her book "Choses Petites et Merveilleuses" was released. I wanted to once again give a little nod to her work because she is an artist that I adore and who completely fascinates me. I had the joy of meeting her, by surprise, at the boutique, during one of her visits to Paris. His presence exudes the same beauty that I found in his works: humility, grace and gentleness.

Sandrine Thommen - Photo Adeline Klam

Her talent as a storyteller through these drawings takes us on a wonderful journey around the world. There is also a gift which, I find, cannot be dissociated from the illustration itself: it is the use of color. Sandrine is for me an example of the mixture of these 2 talents which makes the work magical. The illustrator is a colorist. The color palettes in all these books give incredible life to his landscapes and story scenes.

Sandrine Thommen - Photo Adeline Klam

Several months ago, I discovered the book on migratory birds published by Actes Sud Junior and I gave several of them at Christmas because I wanted to share it (just like “Choses Petites et Merveilleuses”). It illustrates the beauty of birds, their strengths and their incredible lives as travelers. I read little, I admit, I am much more content with images than texts... However, I sometimes read books :), and I realize that it is these books that I like, the ones which talk about knowledge and introduce us to nature, history, tales and people in a simple and fun way.
Sandrine Thommen - Photo Adeline Klam
The Globe-Trotting Birds
Written by Fleur Daugey - Illustrated by Sandrine Thommen
Actes Sud Junior,
September 2014
Since then, I wanted to complete my collection and bought other books illustrated by Sandrine. They are superb, I highly recommend them. “Le Kami de la lune” from Picquier jeunesse and “The grandmother who saved an entire kingdom” from Rue du monde are tales not to be missed! Just like the great classic “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, from Nathan.

For the record, Sandrine was born in 1986 and comes from the Cévennes. After a scientific baccalaureate, she branched off to the Estienne school, in Paris, for an “Artistic Professions Upgrade”. She continued on this path at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, from which she graduated in 2010. She currently lives in Strasbourg. His work is inspired by Persian miniatures, Chinese painting and Japanese prints. His creations can be seen on his website here.
I'm not good at presentations in general, but I hope that this article will make you want to discover more of the work of Sandrine Thommen, of whom I am a fan, as you guessed!
Sandrine Thommen - Photo Adeline Klam

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