Volume 2 of my book “Origami as if by Magic”

I have had a love of origami since the very beginning of my incredible adventure with Japanese paper! It is an ancestral art that I have enjoyed sharing with you for many years now, through creative kits , DIY workshops , blog articles , but also educational books , like the one I am going to tell you about. Today.


I therefore find you in this new article to present to you the second volume of my book “L’Origami comme par Magie” and to tell you a little more about the process of creating this work which was the fruit of long months of work !

To begin, I select the origami that I want to appear in the book. The idea is to offer you a variety of folds so that there is something for everyone: flat and volume origami , purely decorative things and more useful folds, origami of flowers but also of animals. .. It’s a lot of fun collecting work!

Once the folds have been selected, I establish with my editor what we call a “guideline”. It is a document which presents, at a glance, the entire course of the book page by page. In the case of my book, it allows me to determine the number of origami , their location in the book, the number of pages that a fold will occupy... I work in parallel on the cutting, step by step, of the origami .


When the railway is completed, I take care of the explanations and the signage of the folds. It's a long and meticulous job, which requires attention to avoid mistakes! At this stage, I also take care of noting the measurements of the finished folds, based on the dimensions of the square of paper used. This educational work is very important to me because it is important to me that everyone can understand folding well, without frustration.

This is why, for more complex folding, certain steps are illustrated by the delicate drawings of my friend Lucy Tézier-Freuchet ( @lucytezierfreuchet ) in order to make them easier to understand. The different stages of origami are explained flat. Lucy's illustrations are there, for her part, to detail certain steps "in volume" such as opening a fold for example.


Once this study work around the step by step is completed, I can finally tackle the final photos of the different stages with the help of Richard Boutin, a photographer who has been with me for several years now for this type of Pictures.

As for atmospheric photos, I always take pleasure in taking them, whether for the online store, the blog or even my books! Indeed, for this new volume I have chosen to present to you different scenarios of your foldings, once assembled: arranged on a festive table, mounted as a garland or mobile, stuck on a greeting card, etc. I had fun imagining worlds based on the folds, the colors of paper used... If this subject interests you, I will soon prepare an article for you where I bring together the variety of possible uses of origami!


This book was designed as a continuation of the first volume of “L'Origami comme par Magie” with the same method of explanation, clear and visual, which presents you step-by-step the different stages of creating an origami. I spoke to you more specifically about it in our article “Volume 1 of my Book “Origami as by Magic”” . This second volume brings together more than 40 new folds, classified in order of difficulty, accessible to beginners and more experienced folders!


If you would like to purchase "L'Origami comme par Magie - Volume 2" , it is available in store and on the e-shop as well as the first volume and a wide selection of articles around origami: squares Japanese papers , creative kits , origami garlands ...



In addition to offering you an educational work, it was important to me to once again offer you a beautiful object that would accompany you in your learning of origami. If you would like to take up this creative hobby, I invite you to discover our blog article “Advice & Tips for getting started with origami” .


SURPRISE ! I had the chance to slip some adorable folds from origami artist Nana Takahashi ( @_nanahoshi_ ) inside the book: the hedgehog, the owl and the fox. Don’t hesitate to check out his work on his Instagram account!

This book would not have been possible without the support of two friends whom I would particularly like to thank: Eriko ( @toureaueriko ) who, throughout this exciting project, was an exemplary assistant and paper folder, attentive and invested as always but also Séverine ( @severine.prelat ) who gave me her equally precious help, her perspective and her advice and who also carried out a long work of layout, numerous proofreadings but also (and above all!) his kindness on this project.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the design of my new book! I will see you very soon for new articles around origami.



Do you have the first volume of “L’Origami comme par Magie”?
What is your favorite fold?

Tell us more below in the comments!


  • Adeline Klam

    BANCELIN > Merci beaucoup pour votre adorable petit mot Catherine ! Nous sommes vraiment très touchés de lire ces quelques lignes, d’autant plus avec tout le travail fourni pour la réalisation de ce second tome :) Au plaisir de vous accueillir à nouveau en boutique lors de votre prochain passage à Paris ! À très vite !


    Je viens d’acquérir l’Origami par magie Tome 2. Que vos efforts de clarté en explications et la précision de vos photos et petits dessins, soient récompensés car ayant déjà le Tome 1, j’attendais avec impatience la sortie du Tome 2. Je n’ai pas été déçue. Le panda est beaucoup plus facile à réaliser qu’un panda que j’avais pris en tuto sur internet. J’ai aimé réaliser les trèfles, pour l’anniversaire de ma fille, dont j’ai semé toute une carte. Il y a tant d’idées. Merci Adeline Klam et toute l’équipe. J’ai hâte de revenir à votre boutique aussi, mais j’habite à 60 km…. Vous êtes les meilleurs. J’ai beaucoup d’autres livres d’origami, mais souvent, je patauge longtemps devant des dessins mal réalisés.
    A bientôt et encore une fois, félicitations ! C.B.

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