Japanese Washi paper "Plain"

Since last November, sheets of solid-colored Japanese paper have appeared in the store. They were made especially for us in factories in Japan. The variety of colors allows you to make even richer mixtures by combining them with Japanese papers with floral and graphic patterns.

Adeline Klam - Les Camaieux

It was important for me to dedicate an article specifically to this subject because we designed these plain papers with fans of large format origami and lovers of Japanese paper in mind.

This need for constantly varied and multiple colors gave me the idea of ​​developing these prints in unique colored areas... therefore: "plain". The quality of the paper is the same as Japanese patterned papers.

These plain Japanese papers come in two forms:

- Pockets of 10 square sheets of 15x15cm, available in 5 different shades: water green , blue , red , pink , yellow , or even purple/mauve . In these monochrome pockets, plain papers are mixed with faux plains with small white flowers which give them a little graphic touch.

- Large sheets measuring 96X64cm or half sheets 46x64cm

You will be able to make origami starting from 15x15cm (classic origami format), or create large origami using the large sheets. I really like framing these origami to decorate the house!

Of course, this paper is also suitable for cardmaking, bookbinding, the manufacture of lighting and other creations, because the varieties of colors in this range of plains will only give more importance and visual impact to the associations with the Japanese patterned papers.

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