The Cherry Blossom, Sign of Spring (+TUTORIAL VIDEO)

Although the unique period we are experiencing at the moment does not necessarily allow us to observe the first signs of spring, it is now back!

Today to bring a little spring to your home, I really wanted to share with you the origami cherry blossom tutorial but also to talk to you about this time of year and the very special sensitivity that the Japanese face the changing seasons.

In Japan, each season is characterized by its own series of natural transformations. This attention to the slightest variations in nature is expressed through a traditional calendar which has no less than 72 micro-seasons ! Each of the four traditional seasons would therefore be divided into six large sections or s ekki , themselves divided into three smaller sections , .

The period in which we are at the end of March (from the 26th to the 30th) belongs to the spring equinox, s hunbun, and corresponds to the appearance of the first cherry trees in bloom, s akura hajimete saku. A really nice way to see the year go by!

In Japan, the arrival of spring , haru , manifests itself particularly around this annual event called hanami . To find out more about this celebration and let yourself be lulled by its poetry, I invite you to read these previous articles:

On this occasion, the Japanese gather in parks for picnics to admire the beauty of the cherry blossoms with family or friends. This is how all of Japan is then tinged with white and powder pink, bringing softness to the most urban landscapes!

If you are no stranger to the world of the store, you will know that the cherry blossom is one of our favorite patterns which can be found both on our papers and on our Japanese fabrics. It inspires us with many creations such as the wall decoration of some sakura for hanami , which adorned one of the walls of the shop two years ago now!

To celebrate their flowering and to, perhaps, inspire you with some flower creations, I am sharing with you a short video tutorial to learn how to fold the cherry blossom.
Nothing difficult here! Using a simple square of paper measuring 6cm by 6cm, you can make a cherry blossom. Don't hesitate to vary patterns and colors to compose a pretty bouquet.

Thanks to Vanessa des Gambettes Sauvages for making this video!

And if, like us, cherry blossoms inspire you with some creative projects for this spring, discover a selection of HANAMI products bearing their image: creative kits, decorative objects, accessories and creative leisure supplies...

For example, a pretty cherry blossom paper clip to add a floral touch to your office supplies, a cherry blossom stamp , decorative adhesive tape with white rabbit and sakura motifs or cherry blossom stickers , to customize your stationery.

I hope you liked the article and that this little video will have made you want to make some origami cherry blossoms for spring!

See you soon for new creative inspirations,



  • Adeline Klam

    CELINE : Oui ! C’est normal ! Si vous vous posez la moindre question durant la confection de vos fleurs de cerisier en origami, n’hésitez pas :) Nous espérons que vous y prendrez plaisir !

  • CEline

    J’ai acheté tout ce qu’il faut sur un salon.
    Je n’ai pas de son sur la vidéo c’est normal ?

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