Kodomo no hi: Children’s Day!

As the month of May approaches, I wanted to introduce you to a Japanese tradition, kodomo no hi, which celebrates children every year on May 5!


Koinobori - Rainbow - S

Following a flowery month around cherry blossoms with hanami , I return today around this new blog article to tell you about Children's Day, kodomo no hi (from kodomo , child, no , from and hi , day ). With spring taking hold during the month of May, why not add new colorful traditions to our calendar?


Koinobori - Nami - M / Koinobori - Kokoro - S / Koinobori - Mandarin - S / Koinobori - Indian Yellow - S / Koinobori - Happy Red - S (left to right, top to bottom)

Very popular in Japan, this ancestral celebration mixes Chinese influences with samurai culture. It is also linked to the koi carp which has become its main symbol. Admiration for this fish which swims upstream in rivers gives rise to koinobori (from the Japanese koi , carp and nobori , flag/banner) : a windsock in the shape of a carp in bright colors, often made of fabric.


Koinobori - Neon Pink - S / Koinobori - Midori - Mini (left to right)

By offering this symbolic object, parents encourage their children to be strong and valorous and also wish them happiness, joy and health throughout their lives. In the West, it has also become a lucky symbol for births.


Koinobori - Turquoise - M / Koinobori - Neon Pink - S / Koinobori - Midori - Mini / Koinobori - Silver - M / Koinobori - Lampion Sweatshirt - M / Koinobori - Kokeshi Sweatshirt - S (left to right, top to bottom)

I never miss a great opportunity to brighten up my home with decoration that pays homage to Japan and evokes a lovely tradition! These colorful flying fish make a pretty decorative element: in a child's room, hanging from a window or floating on a balcony... These large fish have a calm presence in the house.


Koinobori - Azuki - Mini
/ Koinobori - Galaxy - S / Koinobori - Flamingo - M (left to right)

There are several ancient rites which also allow us to wish a prosperous life to children on May 5, such as tasting traditional Japanese pastries such as kashiwa mochi , a small cake made from rice paste filled with red bean paste and surrounded by an oak leaf (symbol of prosperity), which can be accompanied by a little iris-flavored sake for the greatest adventurers!


Koinobori - Turquoise - M / Koinobori - Rainbow - S / Koinobori - Light Blue - S (left to right)

To add a unique decorative touch and to prolong the magic of this celebration, I have chosen to present to you throughout this article the large colorful fabric fish from Madame Mo. It is a French brand which is developing a very beautiful collection of koinobori in organic cotton (GOTS certified) in various sizes, colors and patterns. There is something for every taste ! Traditional or more fanciful models, you will definitely find your carp! A selection of these colorful fish can be discovered in our Parisian boutique or on our e-shop , in the “koinobori” section .


Koinobori - Sakura Tattoo - Mini / Koinobori - Geisha Tattoo - S / Koinobori - Koi Tattoo - M / Koinobori - Snow Leopard - S / Koinobori - Peacock - S / Koinobori - Tiger - S / Koinobori - Silver - M (left to right, top to bottom)

This article is illustrated by the very beautiful photos of Olivier Cochard whose work you can find on his website or his Instagram account . I really like the poetry that emerges from these series of photos where Madame Mo's colorful fabric fish take their place in the middle of the dunes, allowing us to escape a little.


Koinobori - Kimono Girl - S /
Koinobori - Kimono Boy - S / Koinobori - Petit Mousse - S (left to right)

If you too are celebrating Children's Day colorfully, come to our Parisian boutique to admire the beautiful collection of Madame Mo fish!


Koinobori - Peacock - S / Koinobori - Gold - M / Koinobori - Kimono Boy - S / Koinobori - Snow Leopard - S (left to right, top to bottom)

To discover more inspiration around this colorful tradition, I advise you to go to my Pinterest account as well as my “koinonbori” and “kodomo no hi” boards!


Our article April Mobile: Japanese Paper Fish to learn how to make a Japanese paper mobile with a very summery feel is available on the blog if you want to make a decoration around the fish.


See you soon for new creative ideas!

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