PARTY DECORATION IDEA: Origami Cherry Blossom Branches

The arrival of sunny days is often synonymous with wedding season! What could be more pleasant than celebrating love when the temperatures are milder and the days are longer and sunny? For this new article, I wanted to offer you an idea for a floral wall decoration that could be perfect for a wedding.


Throughout this article, I want to show you different possible colored combinations for this decoration proposal: a monochrome of the same color, a combination of complementary colors or even a multi-colored harmony... The possibilities are endless!

To choose your range, do not hesitate to base yourself on the theme of your wedding or the colorful range of your invitation for example. Colors can vary from one flower to another on the same branch or from one branch to another. It depends on how many colors you want to combine.


Whatever color combination you choose, I advise you to go with Japanese papers with light and discreet patterns, “faux-plains” as we like to call them at the store! Their details, often golden, bring light to the paper and, more broadly, to your decoration.


To “tape” your small flowering branches, it may be interesting to use masking tape matching your colored range, always starting with patterns that are not too present.


Making these decorative branches can be the occasion for a pleasant moment shared with family or friends. The number of flowering branches depends on the surface to be decorated but the idea is to make a certain number so that your wall is full of flowers! For the multicolored wall that you can see in the photos, we made almost a hundred flowers!

Now let’s move on to the tutorial without further ado!


In order to make a flowering branch, you will need:

  • 3 squares of origami paper 6cm by 6cm ( 1 square corresponds to 1 flower ). For this tutorial, we used Japanese papers with discreet patterns like our “false-plain” Japanese papers , but you are free to use the papers of your choice.
  • flower pistils to match your Japanese papers,
  • floratape or florist’s tape (medium green in this case),
  • 2 long thin metal rods approximately 30cm in length to be cut in half to have 4 smaller stems ( 1 short stem of approximately 15cm in length corresponds to 1 flower),
  • a pair of precision scissors ,
  • of the gel glue .

The quantities presented above are for making a rod . You will therefore need to increase them according to the number of flowers desired.



Now it’s time to make our origami cherry blossoms!

  1. Take your square of paper, white side facing you. Mark the horizontal median as shown in the photo with the dotted lines.
  2. Mark the vertical median as shown in the photo with the dotted lines. Unfold.
  3. Two small squares are in front of you. Mark the diagonals of the right square. Unfold.
  4. Fold the bottom left corner (of the small square on the left) to the intersection of the diagonals marked previously (of the small square on the right).
  5. Fold the center corner to the left, in the direction of the arrow, according to the dotted lines.
  6. Fold the right tip towards the center, in the direction of the arrow, according to the dotted lines.
  7. Fold in half, passing the right part under the left part.
  8. You get this.
  9. Using a pencil, trace your figure as shown.
  10. Cut out the figure following your pencil line.
  11. Unfold. Your cherry blossom is ready!


  1. Cut the tip of your fold very slightly (less than 1mm).
  2. Unfold the flower. You will observe a small hole in the middle, caused by the previous step. If you would like to have some tips regarding the use of floratape as well as pistils and stems, (re)discover our video “TUTO The spring bouquet”
  3. Take a bunch of pistils, assembled in the center with floratape , and cut it in half. You get two small bunches of pistils.
  4. Place a bunch of pistils at the top of one of the stems. Secure it with the tape and twist around the stem, stretching the floratape . Don't hesitate, it only sticks well when stretched.
  5. Continue to twist the floratape down the stem. Once you get to the bottom, finish and cut the floratape .
  6. Pass the flower along the stem starting from the bottom and up to the cluster of pistils.
  7. Place a good dot of gel glue at the base of the petals to secure them.
  8. You get this. Your cherry blossom is ready!
  • To perfect it, place your finger on the pistils to spread them slightly.

  • Then repeat the folding and assembly steps above two more times to make two more cherry blossoms on a stem. Once your three stems are ready, position them in a staggered pattern and gather them together using floratape .
  • All you have to do is “tape” your flowering branches to a wall using small pieces of colored masking tape !


These flowering branches can also be used as table decorations, placed on guests' plates or arranged in small vases as a centerpiece. Cherry blossoms, alone and with shorter stems, can also be mounted on a garland to obtain an airy and flowery decoration.



I hope you liked (and inspired) this wedding decoration proposal!

See you soon for new creative ideas,



Which colorful combination do you prefer?
For what occasion would you like to make these flowering branches?

Tell us more below in the comments!

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