Travel to Japan: Hanami or the Cherry Blossom Trees

In this new blog post about our trip to Japan in spring 2017, I wanted to share with you 3 magical places that we discovered during the hanami period (end of March, beginning of April depending on the region).

Hanami means “looking at flowers” ​​in Japanese (from hana , flower and mi , to look). This national tradition consists of celebrating and appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms ( sakura in Japanese). I'm thinking of all the people who are getting ready to go to Japan at this beautiful time of year! Many of you have stopped by the store and shared their travel plans with me. I hope they can enjoy the same magical time as we did last year!

At the end of this article, you will be able to find a map which brings together the different places in Japan that I tell you about in my “travel” articles!

The Kamo River (or Kamo Gawa ) in Kyoto

We had the chance to admire the flowering trees in three different places during our trip. That day, we went by bike from the Shijo Ohashi Bridge after eating a delicious bento in the Gion district of Kyoto. There was a bright sun and many people, families, couples and friends, were out celebrating hanami . The air was sweet and we really felt a festive spirit reigning around us: music, bursts of laughter... It was a real pleasure to watch these scenes unfold before our eyes! The edge of the river being very extensive and clear, we could therefore admire the view, sit in the grass and savor this moment in a soft and timeless atmosphere.


In the photo at the bottom left of the photo above, two lovers had arranged to meet under a cherry blossom tree. For the record, there is a Japanese company which rents small “French-style” picnic kits consisting of a wicker basket, a tablecloth, a coffee drinking service, etc. is adorable! For this romantic moment, nothing was left to chance, not even the dress code: they both wore the essential sailor top, with blue and white stripes!


The Meguro River (or Meguro Gawa ), in Tokyo

This time the meeting took place in Tokyo. In town, all passers-by stopped to observe the cherry petals which then flowed onto the water with the passage of the wind. It was truly sublime! We really liked this area around the Meguro River. It's a neighborhood that is both popular and trendy at the same time, a bit like the 11th arrondissement of Paris after all! There are many restaurants and a large number of students due to the presence of several universities in the area.


I really like this city, its traditional architecture mixed with more recent buildings, all enhanced by these trees which form large, colorful pink and brown masses. I love this contrast of material and this landscape which seems to belong to a dream...


Going through all these images again, sorting them one by one, reminds me how much I love this culture! I feel deeply lucky to have been able to stay there with such good advisors and to be able, even today, to continue to draw inspiration from this world so rich in colors...

Shinobazu Pond (or Shinobazu no Ike ) in Ueno Park, Tokyo

The third flower meeting took place around the Shinobazu pond, near the Ueno zoo. We walked around the lake and watched with amusement as these pretty, colorful pedal boats circulated on the water.



I wish a wonderful trip to everyone whose tickets are already booked. While waiting for our next adventures in Japan, I hope you were able to escape through this article!

See you soon,



What is your favorite place among those presented in this article?
Have you ever had the opportunity to travel to Japan during hanami ?

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