FUROSHIKI - Our first collection with Musubi!

Following our last trip to Japan in May 2017, I introduced you to Musubi and our visit to their Kyoto boutique. Today, on the occasion of the release of our furoshiki collection in collaboration with Musubi , it was important to me to show you in a little more detail the underside of this collection.


Since our meeting with Musubi, we really wanted to introduce furoshiki to as many people as possible and to offer, in store and on the e-shop, a selection of furoshiki from Musubi .

The idea of ​​this collection of Adeline Klam furoshiki in collaboration with Musubi was therefore to combine traditional Japanese patterns and to benefit from Musubi's know-how with a palette of vibrant colors, reflecting our universe and colorful ranges that we offer in the store!

At the end of this work, we created 12 furoshiki in 4 patterns (peonies, chrysanthemums, apricot blossoms and cranes) and 2 different sizes (50cm by 50cm and 100cm by 100cm). Because it was important to make these furoshiki a sustainable alternative, the patterns were printed on organic cotton.


Furoshik i is a traditional Japanese technique for wrapping gifts and everyday objects using a square of fabric. It consists, using a specific knotting and folding system, of wrapping all kinds of objects of various shapes and sizes. The term furoshiki refers to both the square of fabric used and the technique itself.

Our entire collection can be found in store and on the e-shop. We hope that you will like this lovely collaboration as much as we do and that it will make you want to adopt the use of furoshiki on a daily basis!

akcp-furoshiki-cranes blue background
akcp-furoshiki-cranes yellow
akcp-furoshiki-blue peonies
akcp-furoshiki-red peonies
akcp-furoshiki-blue and yellow apricot tree
akcp-furoshiki-apricot tree orange and blue


akcp-furoshiki-orange peonies akcp-furoshiki-pink peonies akcp-furoshiki-chrysanthemums fuschia furoshiki-musubi-adeline-klam-100x100-mauve-chrysanthemums akcp-furoshiki-apricot orange gray mint akcp-furoshiki-coral and blue apricot tree

Here are some furoshiki references made in partnership with Musubi:

We occasionally organize introductory furoshiki workshops.
Check if a DIY workshop is not planned soon, in our Parisian store !

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