TUTO Origami leaf & Autumn mobile

We have barely left the warm sand and shells when dry leaves begin to cover the streets of Paris... What joy!

In our workshop and at the boutique, we like to celebrate the arrival of each season with new creative ideas. Nature is a great source of inspiration for me and autumn is so rich in colors, atmospheres and warm lights that I forget the cold is coming. It is also (and above all), the opportunity to snuggle up on a Sunday afternoon around a good hot tea and make pretty autumn leaves out of Japanese paper for origami .
This simple origami leaf tutorial will allow you to decorate your home easily, in the colorful tones of your choice. I couldn't resist creating a range of warm shades!

In order to make this origami sheet, you will need:
For this tutorial, we used Japanese paper from the Ogawa brand , colored on both sides, which has a slightly fibrous and translucent reading. Ideal for making these pretty colorful leaves! We advise you to use plain paper , to show the texture of the sheet, and colored on both sides to obtain a more uniform result.

A 15cm by 15cm square will give you a sheet 21cm long. Have fun using squares of different sizes and colors to create a pretty fall decoration!

  1. Take your square of paper and fold it in half to mark one of the diagonals.


  2. Grasping the two layers of paper, fold the tip a third lower as shown in the photo. Mark the fold well.


  3. Bring the top tip, the one on the back of your fold, upwards.


  4. Turn your fold over so that the back of the fold faces you.

  5. Grabbing only one layer of paper, fold the tip down. Mark the fold well.


  6. Fold the left border over about 1cm wide, as indicated in the photo by the dotted line.


  7. You get this. Turn your fold over onto the back and make an accordion all along the fold, using the border previously marked in step 6.


  8. You get an accordion about 1cm wide. Unfold it.

  9. Gently flatten your fold and fold down the central edge of your fall leaf, at an angle, as indicated in the photo by the dotted line. Mark the fold well.


  10. Open and unfold your sheet while keeping the central fold, made in step 9.

  11. Fold tip No. 1 onto the back of the fold, as indicated in the photo by the dotted line, to round the left edge of the autumn leaf. Mark the fold well. The rightmost image allows you to see the result of folding the back of the autumn leaf.


  12. Fold over points No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 on the back of the fold, as indicated in the photo by the dotted line, in order to round the right and left border of the autumn leaf. The last two images allow you to visualize the result of the folding on the back of the autumn leaf.

TADA! Your origami sheet is finished!

These origami leaves, simple and quick to make, can serve as a basis for creating a pretty autumn decoration ! Sprinkled on a festive table to give an autumnal touch, stuck on a greeting card, hung from a wooden branch to make a colorful mobile like we did in the photo below... The possibilities are endless!


Have a wonderful autumn! See you soon for new creative inspirations,




    MURIEL > Merci à vous pour votre adorable commentaire :) Quelle bonne idée d’avoir choisi ce pliage, simple et rapide !

  • Muriel

    Merci ! Je cherchais pour ma classe de grandes sections un origami d’automne facile à faire. C’est super bien expliqué !! Les photos, les commentaires … nickel ! Bravo pour votre tuto !!!
    Merci encore.

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