TUTORIAL The Origami Tassel

The pretty Japanese paper tassels! In a spirit of poetry and celebration, I am delighted to share this month the tutorial for this little hanging decoration, which will add charm to your Christmas tree or brighten up a child's bedroom for example.


Simple to make, you can make them in several sizes and vary your colorful range!


To do this, equip yourself with:


  1. Fold your first square of 15cm by 15cm paper in half, with the printed side of the paper facing out.
  2. Fold it in two to get a smaller square.
    Unfold everything - you have just marked the folds of the middles.


  3. Turn your square over and fold diagonally (white side out).
  4. Fold in 2 to obtain a small white triangle.
    Unfold everything - you have just marked the diagonal folds.


  5. Using these markings, fold the paper on itself as in the photo. This must form naturally.
  6. You get a square shape.


  7. With the tip of the fold facing upwards, fold down and fold the left flap along the center.
  8. Fold the right flap in the same way.
  9. Turn your fold over and repeat the operation. You get this, a kind of diamond.


  10. Grab your pair of scissors...
  11. ...cut the end of the "diamond"...
  12. obtain a triangle.
  13. Open your entire fold.


  14. Identify a triangle-shaped face and point it towards you. Keeping it on top...
  15. ... bring back the existing folds to obtain an accordion triangle ...
  16. You get this.


  17. From this accordion triangle, fold the right tip along the center.
  18. Fold the other 3 right-hand tips of the accordion inwards in the same way. You get this.
  19. Fold the 4 points on the left in the same way.
    You get a diamond shape.


  20. Open your entire fold.
  21. Fold inward...
  22. ...the angles formed in step 19.
  23. Your first module is done!
    You can now carry out all these steps with your second square of paper.


  24. Once the two modules are made, get your thread, your needle and your beads.
  25. Cut the thread to the desired length and tie a double knot at the end. Thread it through the eye of the needle.
  26. Slip a bead and pass the wire through the bead hole a second time to secure it.
  27. Repeat the operation to place a second bead a few millimeters from the first and another about 15 cm from the latter.


  28. Take the module that will be at the bottom of your tassel. Pass the needle through the center of the first fold, point down.
  29. You get this.
  30. Take the top module and drill it in the center, point facing up.
  31. You get this.


  32. Glue each small folded corner in step 22...
    Attention ! To facilitate assembly, apply contact adhesive to both modules. You can use a small clean cloth to remove excess glue.
  33. ... and bring the two modules of the tassel together...
  34. fitting the angles together.
  35. Make sure to fit and glue each angle well, before moving on to the next angle.
  36. Your tassel is almost finished.
    Using the same principle as step 26, slide and attach a bead to the top of your tassel. Thread the desired number of beads, leaving a space of 15 cm. Finish with a loop to complete the tassel.



TIP - Vary the format of the paper squares to obtain tassels of different sizes and/or cut your 2 squares from the same sheet to obtain plain tassels.


If you would like to reproduce this colorful range, here are the links and references of the papers used for this tutorial:

We have developed elegant and harmonious Japanese paper tassel kits , which include:

  • the quantity of papers needed, nicely matched and cut to useful sizes,
  • other supplies you will need,
  • the tutorial to guide you step-by-step in your creation.

See you soon for new creative posts,


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  • Adeline Klam

    CLAIRE > Bonjour Claire ! Pour ce qui est du pliage du cube en origami, nous préférons indiquer dans nos explications d’utiliser une baguette (ou tout autre objet fin allongé) pour mettre en volume le cube car cela dépend du papier utilisé :) En effet, il est possible de souffler dans le pliage quand le papier utilisé est fin et léger mais pour ce qui est de notre papier japonais sérigraphié, il est préférable d’utiliser un outil pour le mettre en volume.

    Pour ce qui est du pliage du lotus, il ne manque pas une étape, comme cela est indiqué dans les notes du pliage du lotus p.148 de ce même livre, « utilisez de préférence un papier japonais (papier souple et résistant) ou un textile pour éviter de déchirer votre forme en cours de réalisation » :) En effet, il faut utiliser un papier qui possède une bonne tenue pour la réalisation de ce pliage.

  • Claire

    Origami comme par magie : pour déployer le cube p 68 il suffit de souffler dedans.
    Impossible de réaliser la fleur de lotus avec du papier ordinaire. Ne manquerait il pas une étape ?

  • Adeline Klam

    DÉBORAH > Bonjour Déborah ! Non. Ce pliage n’est pas présent dans notre livre « L’Origami comme par Magie ». Si besoin, le sommaire du livre est présent dans les photos de sa fiche produit ( N’hésitez pas si vous avez d’autres questions :)

  • Déborah

    Bonjour je voulais savoir si vous mettez ce modèle de Pampilles dans votre livre L’origami comme par magie ? Merci à vous

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