DIY origami flowers

What if we made ourselves a bouquet of paper flowers for fun? For the nice surprise of offering flowers outside of official holidays... To a close friend, her grandmother? his mom ? his fiancee ? ...But for oneself seems good to me too!

Bouquet of origami flowers - Adeline Klam

When I discovered this folding, more than two years ago, I immediately said to myself that it would be very successful. I then tested it and very quickly wanted to offer it in lots of different paper combinations.
For these photos I wanted to present it to you in shades of pink and red. It’s true that it’s a bit of a Valentine’s Day bouquet. But I can also imagine it in these warm tones to warm up from winter, to warm our hearts.

What makes a flower valuable is often the aesthetics of its center. The pistils of this one, very stylized, give a graphic and drawn side to the flower. That's why I love him so much.

This origami is very simple to make: 5 identical folds will form the flower.
You need to :

Origami flower tutorial - Adeline Klam

  1. Take a square of paper, white side facing you. Fold it in half diagonally.
  2. Fold to bring the side points over the top point.
  3. You get this.
  4. Fold as shown.
  5. You get this.


  6. Spread the left tip by sliding your finger inside and flatten to form a diamond. Repeat on the right side.

    DIY origami flower Adeline klam

  7. Fold the ends of the sides like this.
  8. Then fold inwards.
  9. You get this.

    DIY origami flower Adeline klam

  10. Place a dot of glue as in the image. Place another dot of glue on the opposite side, on the opposite side.
  11. Bend the figure so as to close the petal. Maintain this while the glue sets.
  12. You have just finished your first petal!

    DIY origami flower Adeline klam

  13. Make 4 more petals so that you have 5 petals in total.

  14. Place a dot of glue on the side of a petal.
  15. Assemble it with a second petal on which you will also have placed a dot of glue beforehand.
  16. Assemble the 5 petals in this way. Place a dot of glue on each petal located at the ends...

    Origami flower tutorial - Adeline Klam

  17. ...and assemble to close your flower. You can slip it onto the end of a rod and secure everything with a dot of glue.

DIY origami flowers - Adeline Klam

If you want to learn how to create a bouquet, together at the boutique, we organize workshops which will allow you to leave with a bouquet of Japanese paper flowers in the colors of your choice, made by you under our caring gaze!

Find all the dates of our workshops here .

You can find, here , different origami flower bouquet kits, in different range of colors.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

DIY origami flowers - Adeline Klam

DIY origami flowers - Adeline Klam



    MARIE-ANGE : Merci beaucoup pour votre petit commentaire :) L’article sur les sachets de graines (ou petite pochette « tato ») est en ligne depuis samedi après-midi sur le blog, à cette adresse :

  • Marie -Ange Ennadifi

    Magnifique. Bravo
    Et le sachet a graines ?? Je cherche le modèle
    J ai 76 ans

  • Adeline Klam

    BAUMANN : Merci pour votre petit mot ! Nous espérons qu’entre temps vous avez pu vous procurer du papier japonais que cela soit en boutique ou sur le e-shop :)
    LAURA BABOURAM : Merci pour cet adorable commentaire ! Nous sommes ravis que ce tutoriel ait pu vous inspirer. Effectivement, cela leur fera un joli souvenir durable de ce moment :)

  • laura Babouram

    Merci pour votre site, grâce à vous ça m’a donné l’idée de faire les bouquets de mes demoiselles d’honneurs pour mon mariage. Je suis sur que ça leur plaira et ça leurs fera un souvenir de plus a garder 😊

  • Baumann

    Merci pour votre DIY Cela donne de très jolies fleurs.
    Quand je pourrai me déplacer à Paris, il me faudrait du papier japonais….
    Pour le moment la poste fonctionne très mal et la frontière est fermée vers la France;

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