It's summer ! DIY Origami Crab

It's summer ! So… a bit of a vacation! For seaside vacationers, here is something to decorate your postcards: the origami crab tutorial .

It's summer !

It's summer !

To make your origami crab, use 2 squares of Japanese paper, measuring 12 cm on each side .

You can cut our 15x15cm origami paper squares, using:

Folding of the crab body :

It's summer !

  1. Take a square with the white side facing you.
  2. Mark the medians (by folding and unfolding the square)
  3. Mark the diagonals of the square
  4. Turn the paper over and form a pyramid using the folds you have marked
  5. Flatten the pyramid to make a triangle.
  6. Bend the top tip down, to meet the middle of the base of the triangle.
  7. Bring the 2 small points from above upwards.
  8. Bring the 2 small points from below upwards, shifting them from the 2 previous points.

Folding the crab legs :

It's summer !

  1. Take the second square of paper. Mark the middle crease.
  2. Fold the bottom half of the rectangle in half then the top half.
  3. Unfold them.
  4. Mark the other median and the other quarters of the square in the same way.
  5. Cut the top part with scissors, in the middle to the height of a small square.
  6. Mark the diagonal folds of the 2 squares that appear on either side of the cutout.
  7. Fold the edges of the cutout more finely using the previous folds
  8. Fold the inside part further to enlarge the cutout space.
  9. Fold the 2 points on the left and right towards the inside of the figure.
  10. Fold the right quarter into the back of the figure.
  11. Fold the left quarter into the back of the figure.
  12. Finely fold the 2 edges of the “sleeves”. Fold the 2 bottom corners into the back of the figure.
  13. Turn the figure over.
  14. Fold the lower to inner part of the figure upwards.

It's summer !

To finish, slide the first figure into the second to fit the legs into the body of the crab and glue the two parts. Don't forget to make eyes at him!

Have a nice summer!


It's summer !

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