Retro atmosphere and children's room

Inspired by the Japanese papers with childish and retro patterns that I will present to you throughout this article as well as by adorable objects collected in recent years, I want to share with you a new creative inspiration around a bedroom children's room with a retro atmosphere.

article-blog-retro-ambience-and-child-room-ambience-1 PHOTO CREDIT – ADELINE KLAM

During my various trips to Japan, I had fun collecting a lot of stationery items: postcards, notepads, stickers... It's a real pleasure each time to stock up on colorful illustrations. I particularly appreciate the retro universe that emerges from the illustrations of certain Japanese artists! I like to go antiquing in search of toys with old charm.

These little cute things, combined with the Japanese papers with childish and retro patterns illustrating this article, form a colorful atmosphere which I really like and which is dear to my heart.

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Over the years, I have noticed that colors guide my daily choices! Almost 11 years ago now, when we looked at our little boy Ulysses' bedroom, the idea of ​​bringing bright, cheerful colors to the decoration came naturally to us.

I started with a base of primary colors to which I added secondary colors such as purple or even sea green and was thus able to create a joyful and colorful universe.


In ten years, that hasn't changed much! The room has recently been repainted. But for this first decoration, the Japanese paper and vintage toys collected beforehand were the triggers for the entire colorful range of the room.

If you want to paper a wall with Japanese paper, I recommend Ovalit M glue for textile wall coverings. All you need to do, as with wallpaper, is to evenly paste your sheet of Japanese paper before applying it to the wall. If you subsequently want to remove it, take a damp sponge and gently pass it over your paper which will become soaked with water. After a few minutes, gently grab your Japanese paper by one of its corners and peel off the rest of the sheet (which should come off in one piece)! You can then let it dry and reuse it for future creative projects.


For all these years, I never tire of this pattern which is teeming with little details: chicks, rabbits, sea bream, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, peonies, maple leaves, colored balls, spinning tops, kites, drums... .

This pattern is inspired by tsurushi-kazari or tsurushi-bina , these adorable children's mobiles made of fabric decorated with small varied elements which date back to the Edo period (1603-1868). These mobiles are linked to the celebration of Hina Matsuri, the little girls' festival which takes place at the beginning of March in Japan. It generally has no less than 110 elements, each of which has its own meaning and which are supposed to bring luck and protection to children.

article-blog-retro-ambience-and-child-room-ambience-5 PHOTO CREDIT – ADELINE KLAM

I slipped into this series of images, four photos by my photographer friend Émilie Guelpa. I wanted to include them in this article because they were made shortly before the birth of Ulysses for my very first book “L'Atelier de Papier Japonese” published by Marabout. Maybe some of you have known him!

What an adventure to create a book while pregnant! I have very happy memories of it (even if, at times, I may have had some doubts about my ability to carry out everything at the same time). This book was also the opportunity for a great working meeting (but not only that) with Émilie! We took most of the photos at home and the decoration of Ulysses' room was therefore guided by this retro-style Japanese paper that I had in the store. I fell in love with this design so much that we even slipped it into his birth announcement!


If you like this pattern as much as I do, it is available in store and on the e-shop in two colorful ranges:


I hope that this article with its bright and joyful colors has inspired you and made you want to imagine your decoration around Japanese paper!

See you soon for new articles,



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