Volume 1 of my book “Origami as if by Magic”

The art of origami is, above all, about having fun! For me, it is a real source of joy and I never stop wanting to share it! This is why it took me two whole years to think, design and improve this book “Origami as if by magic” , in order to be able to transmit this knowledge to you with accuracy and simplicity.


I thought of this book as a simple and fun tool. Throughout the creative process, I kept in mind the idea of ​​a method of very visual explanations presented step by step. This collection brings together 50 traditional origami. It is accessible to all levels, experts or beginners. The folds are organized from the simplest to the most complex.


The steps of each folding are presented. My intention was to make visually clean and graphic pages, without using photos of hands. The step by step steps are constructed with before/after folding and all complex passages are illustrated with drawings to facilitate understanding.

The illustrations that accompany the photos in this book were created by Lucy Tézier . This is a magical find for me! She was able to recreate the movement of difficult stages with incredible precision, thus giving softness and harmony to all the boards.

The colors, the volumes, the composition, we didn't want to leave anything to chance! This object that you have before your eyes, this little colorful learning manual, is the result of a sincere desire to share, while handling an object that is pleasant to the eyes.


I remember, two years before the start of this project which saw the light of day in 2017, I was already looking for solutions for this book. It would not have been possible without the precious help of Eriko Tourreau who has worked alongside me for 5 years now! I met Eriko when the store opened and since then we have worked together every day. A former client who became a friend, she accompanied me throughout this exciting project.

Thanks to Amalia Freneuil for the photos of this last triptych behind the scenes of my workshop in Paris.

Taking the time to fold, sharing a nice, calm moment of creation, that's what this book was designed for. So you just have to reproduce what you see and you will see with wonder an object or an animal come to life under your fingers! I wish you as much happiness in seeing the birth of beautiful paper creations as I had in designing this book for you!

I leave you with this video which shows you behind the scenes of all this work. I hope that you will like her !

“Origami as if by magic” , Éditions Marabout, 2017

If you would like to purchase “Origami as if by magic” , it is available in store and on the e-shop as well as a wide selection of articles related to origami: origami paper , creative kits , garlands origami ...

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The list of thanks is long, but I'll take advantage of this article to give a little nod to my favorite editor at Marabout, Pascale Caron :)

I hope you enjoyed this article. I'll see you again very soon for new articles!



Have you ever done origami?
If so, what are your favorite folds?

Tell us more below in the comments!


  • Adeline Klam

    Sylvie > Bonjour Sylvie ! Merci beaucoup pour votre adorable petit mot :) Nous avons été très touchés de vous lire. Nous sommes vraiment ravis que vous ayez réussi à réaliser ce pliage à l’aide de notre livre. Vous ne pouviez pas nous faire plus plaisir !

    Pour informations, nous avons également un article sur le blog autour de ce pliage, qui reprend les explications du livre (et quelques petites anecdotes à son sujet). Voici le lien de l’article en question : https://adelineklam.com/blogs/blog/tuto-le-pliage-de-la-grue-en-origami

    Merci encore d’avoir pris le temps de nous écrire ! À très vite :)

  • sylvie

    Bonjour à vous Adeline et à toute votre équipe,

    Je vous envoie ce petit message afin de vous exprimer toute ma gratitude.
    Mon rêve( si, si, c’était un rêve…qui me paraissait inaccessible) depuis des années c’était de réaliser des grues en origami (ce qui a encore pris plus de sens depuis un voyage à Hiroshima en 2019) mais je n’y avais jamais réussi avant d’acheter votre livre et là, comme par magie, j’ai enfin réalisé ce rêve et vous ne pouvez pas imaginer le bonheur que cela m’a procuré, que vous m’avez procuré…et que vous me procurez encore. Merci, merci, merci encore de partager votre univers, votre savoir faire et votre poésie…

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